17 Jan

Glove Box

Glove boxes are necessary in the lab for many tasks.  The most common use is a controlled atmosphere for sensitive sample or reagent preparation.  Labconco is one of the best known names in glove boxes but there are several 0ther manufacturers.  All glove boxes are sealed from the room air.  The simplest glove box is designed to contain the sample/reagent so that the operator is safe.  Some labs may have a glove box dedicated to one reagent or sample known to be hazardous.  These types of glove boxes are sealed and have a sample port for introducing the sample.  Controlled atmsophere chambers are used with samples/reagents which are sensitive to, or reactive in normal atmosphere.  These chambers are designed for sample handling in a vaccuum or in a specific gas such as Argon or Nitrogen.   These boxes have inlet and outlet ports for introducing the Ar or N2 and removing the air.    Controlled atmosphere boxes also have a transfer chamber which can hold a vacuum so that room air will not enter the main box.  Pressure gauges are in both the box and the transfer chamber.  The more sophisticated boxes have automated controls for vacuum and gas.

Robin Prymula