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25 Mar

Tube Agglutination Test

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The tube agglutination test for infectious mononucleosis (IM) takes advantage of an unusual property of sheep red blood cells.  These blood cells agglutinate in the presence of antibodies produced against the virus that causes this disease.  Infectious mononucleosis is a benign disease, … Continue reading

21 Mar


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Confused about all the options for pipettors? Let’s start with a definition of the pipette or pipet. Volumetric pipettes are used to deliver extremely accurate liquid volumes of from 0.50ml to 50.00ml.  Tolerance for the 50.00ml volumetric pipette is +/- 0.1% … Continue reading

18 Mar

Slide Agglutination Test

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The slide agglutination test determines whether or not a specific protein exists within a species.  Many manufacturers of reagents for slide agglutination tests utilize polystyrene latex particles as carriers for the antibody molecules.  By conjugating reactive antibodies to these particles, … Continue reading

14 Mar


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Visible spectrophotometers and UV/Visible spectrophotometers are designed for measurement of species in solution by absorption spectrophotometry.  The function of the cuvette is to hold the sample solutions in the path of the light beam.  It is important that these cuvettes be optically … Continue reading

11 Mar

Serological Typing

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The antigens of a microorganism can be determined by a procedure called serological typing also known as sero typing.  This involves adding a suspension of microorganism to antiserum that contains antibodies specific for antigens associated with the microorganism.  If antigens … Continue reading

04 Mar


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Specific cells of the immune system called B-cells make specialized proteins called antibodies.  When an antigen is introduced into an animal antibodies called immunoglobulins are produced that are specific for the bacterial antigens.  Immunoglobulins are present in the circulating blood … Continue reading