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29 Apr

Rh Factor

Between 1900 and 1940 a lot of research was performed to uncover the presence of other antigens in human red blood cells.  In 1940, Landsteiner and Wiener reported that rabbit sera containing antibodies against the red blood cells of rhesus … Continue reading

25 Apr

Vernier Scale

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With the rise of digital measures, Vernier scale for tools like calipers and micrometers are used less and less.  The Vernier Scale was named after a French mathemetician, Pierre Vernier, in 1631.  The Vernier scale uses the ability of the human … Continue reading

22 Apr

Blood Typing

The procedure for blood typing was developed by Karl Landsteiner around 1900.  He determined that human blood groups can be separated into four groups on the basis of two antigens that are present on the surface of red blood cells.  … Continue reading

20 Apr


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Preeclampsia is a condition in pregnant women who have high blood pressure and high amounts of protein within their urine. Preeclampsia can be tricky to early diagnose, as it can develop gradually and move from mild to severe suddenly. Preeclampsia … Continue reading

18 Apr

Radiation Exposure

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Human exposure to radiation is measured in mrem or μSv, that is millirem or microsievert (1 mrem = 10 μSv).  This measurement takes into account the human tissue which is exposed to the radiation.  The dose of radiation also is weighted differently … Continue reading

15 Apr

Value of a Differential Count

The value of a differential count is immeasurable in the diagnosis of infectious diseases.  High neutrophil counts, or neutrophilia, often signals localized infections, such as appendicitis or abscesses in some other part of the body.  Neutropenia, a condition in which … Continue reading

13 Apr

Gestational diabetes

Gestational Diabetes is diabetes that is diagnosed at the start or during pregnancy. What is diabetes? Diabetes is caused by a malfunction in the way our body breakdowns glucose/sugar. Glucose is an important metabolic function to our bodies because it … Continue reading

11 Apr

Filter Paper

With the aquisition of Whatman by GE Healthcare some of Whatman’s products have very  long lead times.  It would be prudent to find alternatives to some of the Whatman products. Filter paper is graded by qualitative/quantitative; speed (or pore size); thickness; binder or no binder; low … Continue reading

08 Apr

Differential WBC Count

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A differential white blood cell count or differential WBC count can be used to determine which infectious disease is present in an individual.  In 1883 Elie Metchnikoff puplished the phagocytic theory of immunity.  He postulated that large cells in the tissue fluid … Continue reading

04 Apr

Radiation vs. Contamination

Confusion has arisen about radiation exposure in the wake of the recent events at the nuclear plant in Japan.  I recently had a colleague ask “Can we have a radiation detector to check our products coming in from Japan for … Continue reading