06 May

Infectious Disease

A disease casued by microorganisms (such as bacteria, viruses) that enter the body and multiply in the tissues at the expesne of the host is said to be an infectious disease.  Infectious diseases that are transmissible to other people are called communicable.  The transfer of communicable infectious diseases between individuals can be accomplished by direct contact such as handshaking, kissing, and sexual contact.  They can also be spread indirectly through food, water, objects and animals.  Epidemiology is the study of how, when, where, what, and who are involved in the spread of disease in human populations.  Epidemiologists determine the classification of the disease.  If the number of newly reported cases in a given period of time in a specific area is excessive, an epidemic is in progress.  If the disease spreads to one or more continents, a pandemic is in progress.  pauln