27 May

Aseptic Technique

Aseptic technique ensures that no contaminating organisms are introduced into culture materials when these materials are innoculated.  It also prevents the handler of the organisms from being contaminated.  Aseptic technique can be used to transfer broth culture to a plate or to transfer a colony from a plate to a slant culture for example.  First the work area is treated with disinfectant to kill any microorganisms.  This may not kill endospores if they are present.  Cultures are transferred using innoculating loops and needles.  These items are sterilized by inserting them into the flame of a bunsen burner until they are red hot.  Tubes are sterilized as well by removing the cap and flaming the mouth.  After innoculation the loop or needles is flamed in the bunsen burner to destroy any organisms that remain.  The loop or needle can then be placed back into its holder. pauln