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29 Jul

Spore Staining

In the previous post we discussed the unique properties of endospores.  These unique properties mean that they are not easily penetrated by stains.  If endospore containing cells are stained by crystal violet, the spores appear as unstained areas in the … Continue reading

28 Jul


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The recording Hygrometer/Thermometer is a tremendously useful tool for creating a permanent  record of humidity, temperature, dew point, time, and date.  The instrument is sometimes refered to as a Data Logger which characteriscally is ideal for measuring temperatures in cuvettes, gas systems, reagents, and … Continue reading

27 Jul

Warthin-Starry Stain

Warthin – Starry Stain, developed by: Warthin, Aldred Scott (1866–1931), and Starry, Allen Chronister (born 1890), American pathologists.   Developed for the diagnosis of bacteria such as: Microsporidial infections, Spirochetes and Cat Scratch Fever, which prior to reading about this study, I always thought was … Continue reading

25 Jul

Lab Design

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You have chosen your fume hood for your new lab design – Kewaunee or Labconco – now don’t forget to consider the blower requirements.  The size of the blower will depend not only upon the size of the hood but … Continue reading

22 Jul


When bacteria belonging to the genus Bacillus or Clostridium run out of essential nutrients, they produce endospores.  Endospores allow the bacteria to survive extreme conditions that are not optimal for growth.  If conditions become favorable, the endospore can go through … Continue reading

18 Jul

Eye Wash Safety

18 Jul

Laminar Flow Cabinet

The purpose of a laminar flow cabinet or a laminar flow hood is to pass HEPA or ULPA filtered laminar air flow across the hood to protect the work from the laboratory environment.  Laminar flow cabinets are used in microbiology … Continue reading

15 Jul

Gram Stain

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In 1884 the Danish physician Christian Gram developed a new type of stain known today as the gram stain.  He attempted to design a stain that differentiated bacterial cells from eukaryotic cells however he failed.  What resulted from his work … Continue reading

11 Jul

Laboratory Safety

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Biological safety cabinets and laboratory fume hoods are important pieces of laboratory equipment. A basic fume hood is designed to protect the laboratory workers from chemical fumes.  Room air is brought into the fume hood and exhausted through duct work … Continue reading

08 Jul

Capsular Staining

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Capsular staining is a technique used to stain species of bacteria that are surrounded by an extracellular slime layer called a capsule or glycolayx.  This structure provides protection for bacteria such as streptococcus pneumoniae.  The capsule prevents phagocytic white blood … Continue reading