28 Jul


The recording Hygrometer/Thermometer is a tremendously useful tool for creating a permanent  record of humidity, temperature, dew point, time, and date.  The instrument is sometimes refered to as a Data Logger which characteriscally is ideal for measuring temperatures in cuvettes, gas systems, reagents, and chemical solutions.  One of the hygrometer’s main functions is the measuring of water vapor content of the atmosphere and moisture in environmental air, better known as humidity, which is actually fairly difficult to measure.  Devices like the one pictured, will measure the temperature of condensation along with changes in electrical capacitance and resistance.

Depending on the application, you would want to compare specifications between units based on the accuracy, range and resolution.  It is not uncommon to find Hygrometers / Thermometers being used in such applications as:  cleanrooms, hoods and environmental chambers.  They are also ideal for the analysis of corrosion, food storage and in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. 

Wall mounted, non-recording units (as pictured to the right) are ideal for use in incubators, refrigerators, and freezers. Stephen