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31 Aug

Hot Plates

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Hot Plates.  Unlike the one you may have used in your college dorm,  the Hot Plates being used today in both the laboratory and classroom environments are an important tool in the preparation of chemicals and  maintaining a specific temperature, when other heat sources are not available.   Multiple varieties … Continue reading

29 Aug


You have your protein sample but it has salts and low molecular weight proteins you need to remove.  Dialysis tubing and dialysis devices are the answer.  Using dialysis membranes you can desalt and remove LMW proteins for volumes from 10µl … Continue reading

26 Aug

Motility Determination

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The motility of bacteria can be determined by several methods.  It can be determined microscopically by observing cells in a wet mount.  In this method a drop of cells is placed on a microscope slide and covered with a cover … Continue reading

24 Aug

Air Sampling

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At first glance, this kind of looks like R2D2 from Star Wars.  What you are looking at is an Air Sampler manufactured by EMD.  Uses include: Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology Food and beverage Hospital Environmental protection, and occupational safety This system is specifically made and designed for … Continue reading

22 Aug

Specific Gravity

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There are several instruments designed to measure specific gravity (density), including, specific gravity bottles (pyncnometers), hydrometers and refractometers.  Hydrometers are long glass tubes which must have large volumes of sample in which to float.  Refractometers rely on the refractive index … Continue reading

19 Aug

Motility of Bacteria

The motility of bacteria is provided by the flagella, a rigid helical structure that extends up to 10  microns out from the cell.  Flagella allow cells to move towards nutrients or away from harmful substances such as acids in a process known … Continue reading

17 Aug

Balance Tables

Balance Tables, are an excellent solution for providing stability in the laboratory for highly calibrated equipment.  The adverse effect of vibration to   scales, analytical and microbalance procedures, can produce gross inaccuracy for test results.   StephenG To achieve, antivibration, stability and a “Rock Steady” surface, the pedestal of the table (pictured left) … Continue reading

15 Aug

Flash point

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A flash point test(no we’re not talking about the TV series) is usually performed on volatile organic liquids.  Open cup flash point and closed cup flash point are the most common tests.  The flash point of a liquid is the … Continue reading

12 Aug

Acid Fast Staining

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Acid fast staining is used to stain bacteria with mycolic acid in their cell walls.  The Ziehl-Neelsen staining method is used which involves mixing carbolfuchsin with phenol and heating the cells for 5 minutes.  Phenol allows the penetration of carbolfuchsin … Continue reading

10 Aug

Refrigerator / Freezer Thermometers

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So, How cold is it in there?  The digital thermometer pictured to the left is one of many solutions available for monitoring temperature of refrigerators, freezers, incubators, water baths and heating blocks.  For accuracy, the probe is sealed in a miniature bottle … Continue reading