24 Aug

Air Sampling

At first glance, this kind of looks like R2D2 from Star Wars.  What you are looking at is an Air Sampler manufactured by EMD.  Uses include:

  • Pharmaceutical,
  • Biotechnology
  • Food and beverage
  • Hospital
  • Environmental protection, and occupational safety

This system is specifically made and designed for laboratory use in the monitoring of microbial air quality.  One of the primary uses is the monitoring of air quality in the food and beverage industries.   Promoted by many Risk Management Programs,  a sampler helps to  guard against food spoilage, contamination and microbiological problems.  Customers expect their food products to be safe.

In the Poultry Industry, the ability to  evaluate environmental air sampling as an efficient and cost-effective means of sampling flocks for detection of a circulating virus is crutial.

In the hospital,  The Variola Virus.  Air sampling in and around smallpox wards is performed for the detection of this and many similar viruses.   This specific sampler has an adjustable head and uses standard 100mm petri dishes.  It has a reminder that can be set from 1-12 months for recalibraton.  The system has an aspiration rate of 100L/min. and will sample a full cubic meter of air in 10 minutes.  To ensure accurate readings, the system has a programmable sampling start delay which helps to eliminate the need  of having to re-enter sterile areas.  The system not only retains bacteria and viruses but also guards against their dehydration or inactivation.

Nice to know that air samplers help to keep our environment a little safer healthier.  StephenG