31 Aug

Hot Plates

Hot Plates.  Unlike the one you may have used in your college dorm,  the Hot Plates being used today in both the laboratory and classroom environments are an important tool in the preparation of chemicals and  maintaining a specific temperature, when other heat sources are not available.  

Multiple varieties and sizes are available, with added features including magnetic plates, non-magnetic plates and stirrers with speed ranges averaging 100 to 1000 rpm.  Designed with thermostatic control and an embedded heating element that provides excellent thermal transfer properties.

Available Accessories Include: 

  • support rods
  • clamp kits
  • Stainless Steel Support Rods
  • Stainless Steel Thermocouple Holding Rod

It is recommended that heat resistant laboratory Beakers be used.  At the same time, many of  hot plates also offer Surface Alert Protection against accidental burns with a warning display when the heating surface is above 50°C (122°F).    Optional external temperature controllers are also available on many models.    StephenG