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30 Sep


Recently there has been a massive recall of cantaloupes due to contamination by bacteria that belong to the genus Listeria.  It is believed that these cantaloupes have all come from a farm in Colorado.  The genus Listeria is named after … Continue reading

28 Sep

Water Purifier

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Water Purifiers   As an alternative to distillation, these water purifiers are designed to produce high purity water direct from a potable water supply. The S-series purifiers produce better than single-distilled quality, while the R-series purifiers produce better than double-distilled quality. … Continue reading

26 Sep


Alcohol thermometers or spirit filled thermometers are rapidly replacing mercury thermometers in the laboratory.  Concern for mercury spills due to breakage has decreased the use of mercury thermometers.  The floors of older laboratories which use thermometers routinely probably have a … Continue reading

23 Sep

Toxic Forms of Oxygen

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Toxic forms of oxygen are produced in aerobic environments during photochemistry and is a result of aerobic respiration.  Hydrogen peroxide is a by-product of aerobic respiration and can severely damage proteins.  Singlet oxygen and anion superoxide are also forms of … Continue reading

21 Sep

Weather Stations

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Professional Weather Stations for use in schools, labs and industrial applications.  This instrument is designed to monitor conditions, forecast weather, and check environmental air parameters.  The unit displays temperature, humidity, dew point, barometric pressure/pressure trend, weather forecast, wind direction/speed, wind chill, rainfall amount, … Continue reading

19 Sep

Chloride Testing

There are many ways to test for chlorides.  A chloride test strip is the simplest.  A chloride test kit is more accurate. A chloride ion selective electrode with a multi-parameter meter is the most accurate.  The method chosen depends upon … Continue reading

16 Sep


Bacteria can be classified into two groups based on their oxygen needs.  Obligate aerobes and anaerobes.  Aerobes require oxygen for growth because they perform respiratory metabolism which utilizes oxygen as a final electron acceptor.  Anaerobes can be further divided into … Continue reading

14 Sep

Rotary Evaporators

Rotary Evaporators are an invaluable tool for the removal of moisture from various compounds.  They are ideal for the drying of powders and the recycling of chemicals and solvents.  The process is designed to evaporate samples under reduced pressure.  In order to achieve this result, the majority of the … Continue reading

09 Sep

Differential and Selective Media

Media can be made with different components that will promote the growth of certain bacteria while inhibiting the growth of others.  This medium is known as a selective medium.  Antibiotics, dyes, and various inhibitory compounds are often incorporated into media … Continue reading

07 Sep

Digital Conductivity Meter

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Digital Conductivity Meters,  are traditionally used for water and waste-water testing applications.    Also referred to as a TDS Meter, but there are some important differences.  In reference to EC and TDS.  EC refers to the electrical charge of a given … Continue reading