28 Sep

Water Purifier

Water Purifiers   As an alternative to distillation, these water purifiers are designed to produce high purity water direct from a potable water supply. The S-series purifiers produce better than single-distilled quality, while the R-series purifiers produce better than double-distilled quality. The Q-series purifiers provide the highest water quality of the Option systems.  Purification Cartridges come with the unit.  Docking stations and booster pumps would be an addition to the system.  The pumps are used where feed pressure is insufficient.                                               

                                                                                                                                                                                        The Nano Pure Water Purification System  assures water is bacteria- and particle-free.  It will also deliver volumetric dispensing, which eliminates overflow.  The system has an automatic sanitization cycle to keep the system clean.  The standby mode maintains the water purity during times when the unit is not being used.  The models available are:

  • Life Science: integrates a dual wavelength UV lamp and ultrafilter
  • Analytical: ideal for ion chromatography, atomic absorption, and other sensitive analytical procedures.
  • UV: features a dual wavelength UV lamp to produce water with 1–5ppb total organic carbon
  • UF: ultrafilter to produce water with less than 0.001EU/mL   StephenG