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31 Oct

Columns for HPLC Separation of Peptides

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Reverse phase HPLC does not always provide satisfactory separation of closely related peptides and proteins.  The Sielc Promex series of chromatography columns are specifically designed for the separation of peptides and proteins.  The stationary phase combines an ionic (cation or … Continue reading

28 Oct

Fungi Slide Culture

The isolation, culture, and microscopic examination of fungi require the use of suitable selective media and special microscopic slide techniques.  Simple wet mounts prepared from fungal cultures usually do not reveal the arrangement of spores on fruiting bodies because the … Continue reading

26 Oct

Cleanroom Mops

As a continuation from my previous blog on Cleanroom Buckets and Wringers, I only felt it appropriate to mention the Cleanroom Mops as well.  There is no “one size fits all” as each Mop Head and Mop Handle are constructed and designed for … Continue reading

24 Oct

HPLC Chromatography: Polar Compounds

Separation of polar compounds require the chromatographic researcher to keep on hand many different types of HPLC columns including reverse phase, normal phase, cation exchange, anion exchange, ion exclusion and perhaps HILIC. All of these columns could be replaced by … Continue reading

21 Oct

Compact Microscope

There are times when one might be looking for a compact, light weight, portable and versatile microsope.  Unfortunately there are not many microscopes that fit this description and have high quality optics.  Fortunately Omex technologies has designed a microscope that meets … Continue reading

17 Oct

Mixed Mode Chromatographic Separations

In chromatography the trend is to stay away from mixed interactions.  In ion exchange we wish to have only ionic  interactions between the analyte and the stationary phase.  In size exclusion we do not want adsorption but only steric interactions.  … Continue reading

14 Oct

Slime Molds

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Slime molds are Eukaryotic, heterotrophic microorganisms that exist in cool, shady, and moist areas.  They are often found on decaying logs, dead leaves, and other organic material.  They ingest their food similar to an amoeba by phagocytosis.  The vegetative cells … Continue reading

12 Oct

Cleanroom Buckets,Wringers & Liners

When it comes to cleanroom maintenance, stainless steel buckets and wringers offer the ultimate solution for sterilization.  The stainless steel buckets, wringers, casters and related componets are electropolished which help to guard against corrosion, especially when using harsh detergents or ultra pure water.  A wringer insert … Continue reading

10 Oct

Hematocrit test

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Now that BD has discontinued all of its Clay Adams hematocrit centrifuges we must look to other manufacturers for this type of hemotology test.  For doctor’s offices, clinical labs, and blood banks who don’t have an automated analyzer for blood … Continue reading

07 Oct

Counting Bacteria

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Counting bacteria is critical laboratory technique.  Accurate bacterial counts are needed for grading milk, determining if a patient has a bladder infection, or for determining the level of bacteria in drinking water.  In some cases it is important to know … Continue reading