10 Oct

Hematocrit test

Now that BD has discontinued all of its Clay Adams hematocrit centrifuges we must look to other manufacturers for this type of hemotology test.  For doctor’s offices, clinical labs, and blood banks who don’t have an automated analyzer for blood a hematocrit centrifuge is a necessity.   Unico manufactures the C-MH30 and the Powerspin BX; the C882 model comes with a 24 place microhematocrit rotor with a hematocrit tube reader on the cover.  Iris Sample Processing has the Statspin CritSpin which handles 12 microhematocrit tubes at once.  Thermo Scientific‘s Pico 15 microcentrifuge has a 24 place microhematocrit rotor as an option.  Separation Technology produces the HemataSTAT microhematocrit system.  There are many hematocrit centrifuge options for the medical community.

Robin Prymula