12 Oct

Cleanroom Buckets,Wringers & Liners

When it comes to cleanroom maintenance, stainless steel buckets and wringers offer the ultimate solution for sterilization.  The stainless steel buckets, wringers, casters and related componets are electropolished which help to guard against corrosion, especially when using harsh detergents or ultra pure water.  A wringer insert is available for use with a flat-head mop and all of the materials in the stainless steel line are autoclavable (subject-able to high pressure steam).

When budgeting is an issue, Plastic Buckets and Liners  can also prove to be a cost effective means of maintaining a clean and sterile environment.  The liners create an impermeable barrier between the disinfectant being used and the recepticle.   The added protective layer insures the integrity of disinfectant blends. Liners allow cleaning personnel to mix and transport cleaning solutions and dispose of cleaning waste water easily, eliminating the need to transport heavy buckets or carts between faucets and drains. Liners are gamma irradiated to ensure container sterility.

Finally, when it comes to a choice of mop, we would recommend that you speak with one of our laboratory professionals to assist in determining which would prove to best fit your needs.  There is an extensive selection of styles, materials and accessories based on specific needs and applications.   Certainly enough for a single blog topic.   To be continued…..    StephenG