21 Oct

Compact Microscope

There are times when one might be looking for a compact, light weight, portable and versatile microsope.  Unfortunately there are not many microscopes that fit this description and have high quality optics.  Fortunately Omex technologies has designed a microscope that meets the specifications listed above.  The Omex Technologies Micromet microscope can be used for research, education, or industrial inspection.  The illuminator uses two AA batteries making it ideal for applications that require multiple users in different locations.  The combination of its 160 mm tube length and high working distance objectives provides clear sharp images.  Often times when looking at samples the user is restricted to one location due to power requirements.  The Micromet can be used in various locations in field research or in the factory where the location of samples may vary.  Omex Technologies also manufactures accessories such as a video adapter which allows the user to incorporate a c-mount camera.  The Micromet simplifies microscopy and offers an excellent solution for applications requiring a portable microscope.