26 Oct

Cleanroom Mops

As a continuation from my previous blog on Cleanroom Buckets and Wringers, I only felt it appropriate to mention the Cleanroom Mops as well. 

There is no “one size fits all” as each Mop Head and Mop Handle are constructed and designed for specific needs and applications.  Handle construction choices range from stainless steel to galvanized and available in both straight head and ergonomically angled.

The mop pictured to the left is a high-performance foam sponge mop head. The refills are self-wringing Roll-O-Matic®-style mop handles, and are specifically designed for absorbing spills, applying disinfectant, and cleaning floors, walls and ceilings within controlled environments.  The Ahesive-free, polyester-laminated heads are excellent for disinfectants and cleaning of both floors and walls.   Some of the lab professionals I have spoken with feel that the microfiber-laminated head works best for deep cleaning of floors.  Both materials can be used with all known disinfectants.   Tubular-knit, 100% polyester string mop heads as pictured to the right, feature excellent sorbency. 

If you have not worked with either one of these, I would think the best recommendation would be to try one of each to see which would work best for your own specific needs and application.

As always, OpticsPlanet’s Laboratory Sales Staff are very willing work with you in determining the best solution for your needs.   StephenG