28 Oct

Fungi Slide Culture

The isolation, culture, and microscopic examination of fungi require the use of suitable selective media and special microscopic slide techniques.  Simple wet mounts prepared from fungal cultures usually do not reveal the arrangement of spores on fruiting bodies because the manipulation of the culture disrupts the fruiting structure and the hyphae of the culture.  The type of fruiting structure and spore arrangement and morphology are important in the identification and taxonomy of these microorganisms.  One way to preserve the appearance of the fruiting structure is to prepare a slide culture that can be stained.  This allows the observation of the fruiting structure in situ and does not disrupt the arrangement of the spores.  You can produce a fungal culture by taking a sterile cube of Sabouraud agar and placing it on the center of a microscope slide.  This cube of agar is innoculated on two sides with spores from a mold colony.  A cover glass is placed on the other side of the cube and the culture will grow between the glass on both sides.