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30 Nov

Muffle Furnace

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The Muffle Furnace (which is also known as a Retort Furnace) is an essential Laboratory Tool where the subject is isolated from the fuel and all of the products of combustion including gases and flying ash. The muffle furnace is typically … Continue reading

22 Nov


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Prior to working in laboratory sales, I had no idea what or ever heard of a device called a Pinger.  The images reflected in this blog remind me of components one might find in a Moonshine Still. All kidding aside, the Pinger … Continue reading

18 Nov

Temperature and Bacterial Growth

There is a direct correlation between temperature and bacterial growth. Bacteria can grow over a wide range of temperatures that spans from 0 degrees C. and 100 degrees C. They can be divided into four groups based on their temperature … Continue reading

16 Nov

Flash Point Tester

Closed Cup Flash Tester.  At first glance, one might think it to be a new high tech espresso machine.   The device is designed to determine the flash point of liquid products.  Flash point refers to both flammable and combustible fluids.  Classifying … Continue reading

11 Nov

Bacteriophage Life Cycle

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The bacteriophage life cycle involves recognizing the host cell, replicating itself and ultimately releasing the newly formed virion or single phage unit.  A bacteriophage consists of a capsid (nucleic acid and protein) that is attached to a protein sheath that … Continue reading

09 Nov

Sterilants and Disinfectants

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As a continuation to my blog on Cleanrooms and related products, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about some of the liquid choices available for sterilizing and disinfecting. Steris Spor-Klenz is a ready to use sterilant and disinfectant … Continue reading

09 Nov

Test for Glucose

Benedict’s test is the basis for Bayer’s clinitest for glucose.  The copper sulfate in Benedict’s reagent reacts with glucose and other reducing sugars to form a precipitate which varies in color depending upon the amount of the reducing sugar.   Benedict’s … Continue reading

04 Nov


Bacteriophages are viruses that infect bacterial cells.  In 1915 Twort and d”Herelle noticed that their bacterial cultures were disappearing and the culture would be cleared from the medium.  They also noticed that the liquid left behind would clear new cultures of … Continue reading

02 Nov

Cleanroom Cloveralls

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Cleanroom Coveralls. The first thing that I was able to determine is that fashon pretty much goes out the window.  But then again, when you’re dealing with a bio-hazard situation in protecting an individual from being infected or maintaining Cleanroom integrity, how stylish … Continue reading