02 Nov

Cleanroom Cloveralls

Cleanroom Coveralls. The first thing that I was able to determine is that fashon pretty much goes out the window.  But then again, when you’re dealing with a bio-hazard situation in protecting an individual from being infected or maintaining Cleanroom integrity, how stylish one looks should not be an issue.

All kidding aside, there are many applications, which during my research, I found that most all situations are being addressed by the industry leaders, which include:  Dupont, Kimberly Clark, Magrid Glove and Onguard Sanitex, to name a few.

Tyvek coveralls, as pictured top left are available with or without hood and come with Elastic Wrists and Ankles. lightweight, non-woven Tyvek® material, which is resistant to penetration, chemically and biologically inert, low-linting, and antistatic-treated. All styles have a zippered front and set sleeves for greater arm movement. Hooded style features elastic around the face.

The KIMTECH PURE® A5 apparel(pictured top right), which provides a high level of protection,  is ideally suited for applications in pharmaceutical, bio-tech, and medical device industries. These garments are manufactured in an ISO certified facility, clean processed, and individually packaged under cleanroom conditions. They contain no natural or rubber latex. exceptionally high standard of protection.  This product was developed to provide a secure guard against contamination.

Industries that typcially require these safeguards include: Chemical Planets, Refineries and Food Processing. Cost is naturally effected by the level of protection, including sterile and non-sterile ratings.

The OpticsPlanet Laboratory personnel are available to assist you in determining the best level of protection and are happy to provide you with detailed information and pricing.   StephenG