09 Nov

Sterilants and Disinfectants

As a continuation to my blog on Cleanrooms and related products, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about some of the liquid choices available for sterilizing and disinfecting.

Steris Spor-Klenz is a ready to use sterilant and disinfectant which requires no mixing or activation.  This ready to use product eliminates errors in dilution preparation.  The product is product is sporicidal in 5 1/2 hours and disinfects in 10 minutes.  The product is shipped with certificates of analysis, filtration, and sterility.  Due to government restrictions, this item cannot ship to residential addresses, including home-based businesses.  A commercial shipping address is required.  The product is sold in 3.2 L (0.8 gal.) Pour Bottles, 4 per case or 50 gal drum.

MegaClean, Heavy Duty Cleaning Solution (pictured at right) is multipurpose cleaner that is nonflammable and easily diluted. Designed to remove heavy soilssuch as adhesive residue and photo-resist. Ideal for megasonic and ultrasonic cleaning. The product is filtered to 0.1µm for critical cleaning applications and is  Biodegradable.   StephenG