14 Dec

Laboratory Cleaning Compound

So, you’re in the lab and find yourself faced with the tedious task of cleaning those utensils and glassware.  You try rubbing, scrubbing and scraping but they’re still not clean enough.  What’s a tech to do?
NOW!  An extremely easy, quick, and economical way to clean your glassware ”For general laboratory use”.
VWR Labtone Laboratory Cleaning Compound  is composed of carbonates, phosphates, and organic detergentin balanced proportions.   The result is the binding of calcium and magnesium hardness in solution, which will eliminate scrubbing and scraping.  The target contaminates are: dirt, grease, media, and soil of any kind from utensils and surfaces that you would normally be washing by hand.  The manufacturer boasts that it will not require towel-wiping and will not leave streaks or a film. One ounce in one gallon of warm water is sufficient for most manual, soak, and ultrasonic cleaning purposes.  The pH is: 10.5.