28 Dec

Fluidizied Sand Bath

If you’re looking for a spa or hot tub to relax in after work, this is not it.  All kidding aside, the Fluidized Sand Bath is for heat treatment testing and high temperature reaction experiments.  Objects are immersed in the medium which looks and feels like bubbling liquid.  Temperatures are maintained up to 600°C and is excellent for heat transfer and temperature uniformity.  These units are designed as an alternative to oil baths, acid baths, and air furnaces which eliminates the oils/acid disposal problem.

The units consist of a stainless steel inner container with a full diameter porous plate at bottom. Inconel-sheathed immersion heaters are located horizontally just above porous plate. Aluminum oxide particles are fluidized by low pressure air, heated and maintained at appropriate constant temperature, and are then circulated.  As compared to an oil or acid bath, there are no fumes and no evaporation problems.  Again, in comparison to oil or acid, the medium can be easily brushed away.

The heat regulator has graduations from 0-10  with Stability of ±1°.  The pressure switch has an auto turn-off to protect the unit against burnout.  It does require a clean, dry air supply at 3 psi, 2 cfm and an optional controller is available which improves the temperature setting and stability.