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07 Dec

Contact and Cleanroom Wipes

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As a continuation of our Cleanroom Series, one of the most commonly used products are the Cleanroom Wipes. Depending on the classification of cleanroom that you work in, LabPlanet has a large offering of wipes based on materials, levels of … Continue reading

05 Dec


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Hydrometers are useful for determining concentrations of salt (brine), alcohol (proof), and sugar (brix).  Hydrometers are also used to determine specific gravity of petroleum products (°API). Specific gravity is the physical property which is measured by the hydrometer; the difference … Continue reading

02 Dec

Temperature’s Lethal Effects

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Temperature’s lethal effects on bacterial growth can be seen after subjecting various bacterial cultures to excessive heat in the range of 90 to 100 degrees C. Microorganisms are killed by elevated temperatures mainly because of the susceptibility of their macromolecules … Continue reading