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31 Jan

Cleanroom Shoe Crocs

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As a continuation from my previous blog on Shoe Covers, I made mention in my blog about the covers having a “lack of fashion”.  Naturally, I was being facetious, but I did want to touch upon Shoe Crocs as an … Continue reading

30 Jan

Surface Tension

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Surface tension can be measured using  tensiometers.  The units used to express surface tension are dyn/cm (dynes per centimeter) and are represented by the symbol .  Surface tension is the result of the cohesive forces of molecules in a liquid; … Continue reading

27 Jan

Antimicrobial Sensitivity Testing

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As soon as the causative agent of an infection has been determined it is up to the physician to presribe the most effective antimicrobial agent that will kill the pathogen without harming the patient.  Antibiotics vary in effectiveness against different … Continue reading

25 Jan

Shoe Covers

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The inspiration behind creating this blog on Shoe Covers, stemmed from a recent emergency service call from a plumber.  It was the night before a holiday party when our sewer and drains started to backup.  Figures!  Anyhow, the first thing … Continue reading

23 Jan

Milling: Milling in the Laboratory

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A centrifugal or rotor mill  is a grinding mill which uses impact and cutting or shearing for the comminution of laboratory samples to small uniform sizes for analysis.  Sharp cutting teeth use impact forces to initially reduce the size of … Continue reading

20 Jan


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Antibacterial agents normally destroy bacteria by breaking down the cell wall of bacterial cells.  Humans are born with the naturally occuring enzyme known as lysozyme.  Lysozyme is found in most bodily fluids such as saliva and tears.  Lysozyme breaks down … Continue reading

18 Jan

Chemical Spill Clean Up Kit

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Hopefully, you will never find yourself in a hazardous situation due to a chemical spill  in your lab.   I believe it was Ben Franklin who stated “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  I decided to do my homework after receiving … Continue reading

16 Jan

Cutting Mill

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One type of grinding mill used in laboratory milling is a cutting mill.  Cutting mills use very sharp grinding heads to cut samples in preparation for analysis.  The mills have a sieve which determines the final size of the sample … Continue reading

13 Jan

Bacterial Cell Wall

The bacterial cell wall contains a common and important component called peptidoglycan, which is only found in prokaryotes.  Peptidoglycan is a polymer of alternating n-acetyl-glucosamine (NAG) and n-acetyl-muramic acid (NAM) which are linked by a covalent bond.  Each NAM contains a chain of … Continue reading

11 Jan

Dry Ice Storage & Transport

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The transporting of Dry Ice is certainly no easy task. Living in the Chicagoland area, people from the southern states would probably scratch their heads thinking, you need a storage container, why?  But seriously,  other than using a 6-pack cooler, a better and more secure … Continue reading