11 Jan

Dry Ice Storage & Transport

The transporting of Dry Ice is certainly no easy task. Living in the Chicagoland area, people from the southern states would probably scratch their heads thinking, you need a storage container, why?  But seriously,  other than using a 6-pack cooler, a better and more secure option is available.  ThermoSafe provides several solutions for the safe Transport and Storage of Dry Ice and it’s contents.   The Dry Ice capacities range from 33  to 87 pounds.  Depending on the volume,  your holding times are as follows: 

  • 16 Liter/33 lbs:    2.6 days
  • 28.3 Liter/54 lbs: 5.5 days
  • 42.5 Liter/81 lbs:  6.5 days
  • 45.3 Liter/87 lbs:  7 days

All sizes of the ThermoSafe Carriers pictured on the left are constructed from one-piece, seamless, molded polystyrene foam and are extremely lightweight.  They also come with a rugged strap and handle, but there is an optional “Sling Style Strap” that’s available.  The Flight for Life Teams I’ve worked with highly recommend going with the Sling.  Just makes life a little easier.   

For larger capacity requirements, you might consider the Dry Ice Chest .  It will hold up to 90 lbs for 6 days.  Construction is made of Low temperatureplastic foam insulation and  has a lid-stay for keeping the top open for loading.  Designed to hold ice pellets, blocks and slabs, with dual latches for a more secure transport.  And when you’re not using it for the storage and transport of samples and specimen’s, it would probably work great for your next tailgate party.  StephenG