16 Jan

Cutting Mill

One type of grinding mill used in laboratory milling is a cutting mill.  Cutting mills use very sharp grinding heads to cut samples in preparation for analysis.  The mills have a sieve which determines the final size of the sample – the finer the sieve the finer the sample.  Cutting mills are ideal for fibrous, medium hard, elastic, or brittle samples.  The cutting head used will depend upon the sample characteristics.  The sample size before milling is typically 60 – 80mm.  The sample can be reduced down to 250um.  Typical applications are plastics and rubber; wood and other plant fibers; paper and other household waste; recycling samples such as mobile phone keypads and circuit boards; foodstuffs such as pasta or dried meats.  Some manufactures of laboratory mills offer to mill a sample for the customer and will advise as to the best mill, cutting head, and sieve for the customer’s application.  Manufacturers of cutting mills include but are not limited to Retsch, Fritsch, and IKA Works.

Robin Prymula