Monthly Archives: January 2012

09 Jan

Ball Mill

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Milling in the laboratory is necessary for dry, paste, or plant samples to break them down for further analysis.   The laboratory mill is used for breaking down samples into particle sizes suitable for analytical testing.  For precise analysis it is … Continue reading

06 Jan

Ultraviolet Radiation Repair

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Last week we spoke about the damaging effects of ultraviolet light and this week we will talk about the ultraviolet radiation repair mechanisms that exist in cells.  Cells have evolved various repair mechanisms to deal with the mutational changes in DNA … Continue reading

04 Jan

Flammable Liquids Safety Storage Cabinets

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It seems that most of the calls I receive from customer looking to purchase a Flammable Storage Cabinet, had a recent visit from their local fire inspector or OSHA.  Hopefully this is not your situation.  But should this be the … Continue reading

02 Jan

Furnace Controller

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Whether the lab uses a muffle furnace, a crucible furnace or a tube furnace, a temperature controller is usually necessary.  The simplest controller allows the user to set a single set point (temperature).  The next step up would be a … Continue reading

02 Jan

Gas Regulators

Gas regulators are necessary when working with pressurized gases.  Pressurized gas tanks store gases at higher than atmospheric pressures.  Compressed gas tanks have different types of threads depending on the type of gas.  This is important as different gases must … Continue reading