10 Feb

Bunsen Burners

Well, here’s a handy item that no laboratory should be without.  An Electric Bunsen Burner by Barnstead.       The heat range is 800-1000°C.    A major benefit is the safety of electric as well as being the cleanest method out of all options.

The burner is ideal for heating test tubes, crucibles, small flasks, and beakers.  It’s conical shaped heating element  directs radiant heat upward, at the same time, air circulation from the vented housing keeps the base cool enough to be handled during operation. 








The heating element is an easily, replaceable component.   Note:  The single place percentage on/off controller (pictured to the right), is sold as an accessory and is required to properly operate the electric burner.




In a situation when a burner is only needed on an intermittent basis, a Bunsen Pilot Burner may be a consideration.  The burner works on both natural and mixed gases.  Manufacturer from steel with rustproof  zinc plating.  It has a sleeve-type regulator and stopcock for reliable gas control along with a pilot light tube that has a  screw adjustment for flame control. 

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