23 Feb

Babcock Bottles

Now here’s something you don’t use everyday.  Working as a Lab Sales Specialist, I have been receiving several requests for Babcock Bottles in recent months.   Though, never personally having a chance or need to use one, it did spark my curiosity.  Hopefully I’m not the only one out there who never heard of it or a clue what it is used for.  Basically, it is the determination of fat content of raw milk.    The goal,  to have a means of evaluating and testing of butterfat.  The Babcock system has been proven to be highly accurate.  The results can be applied as a standard throughout the dairy industry.  The Standard Babcock Milk Test bottle is an 8%, 18g milk testing bottle with a total height of approximately 6.3 – 6.7 inches.   It also has a flat bottom and vertical neck, and must be constructed for stress as to be used in a centrifuge.  The apparatus also includes a bulb for suction as part of the testing process.  The body of each bottle is a reaction chamber, while the graduated neck is a measuring device.  Babcock bottles (also referred to as Extraction Bottles)  are designed to measure liquids and small samples.   Some of the tests being performed include:

  • Skim Milk Test, 0.5% 
  • Milk Test, 8%
  • Ice Cream Test, 10%  (My Favorite)
  • Cream and Cheese Test, 50%