29 Feb

Trespa® Athlon® Shelves

I was recently working with a client who was in the process of remodeling their lab.  When it came to shelf design and placement, there was a concern in regards to stability, movement due to vibration and resistance to spills for some chemcial agents that might be stored.  
Trespa Athlon Shelves  are a phenolic resin shelf and feature excellent chemical resistance.   They are also extremely solid and do not require laminating or edge banding.  They also have excellent screw-holding ability, which makes for secure mechanical attachment to bench frames or partitions.  For cleaning, you just need to use a mild detergent solution.
Another great feature is that they are highly resistant to abrasives and scratches. Edges require no special treatment and can be easily profiled, milled, and polished.   For the most part, the shelves are made to order, so if you don’t see a specific size that you’re looking for, just ask.  Turn-a-round  time from receipt of your order is typically one – two weeks. 
Specifications are as follows:
  • Flame Spread:                                            ASTM E84 class/A (25)
  • Minimum Compressive Strength:           24,000 psi
  • Minimum Modulus of Elasticity               1.5 million psi
  • Minimum Shear Strength                         2000 psi
  • Thickness                                                    1.9 cm (3/4“)