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28 Mar


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An Autoclave, also referred to as a Sterilizer, is an instrument used to sterilize equipment and supplies.  The process is subjecting the items to high pressure saturated steam at a temperature of 121 °C for approximately 15–20 minutes depending on the size of the load and … Continue reading

26 Mar

Gloves for Law Enforcement

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Does your police supply include medical grade gloves?  Every day law enforcement professionals have the potential to encounter blood and body fluid born pathogens.  Medical grade gloves have the certification to protect against the dangers posed by exposure to possible … Continue reading

23 Mar


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The total sum of the chemical reactions that occur in a cell are referred to as metabolism and the individual reactions make up the metabolic pathways.  Proteins called enzymes catalyze or speed up the rate of these metabolic pathways.  Most … Continue reading

22 Mar

Phlebotomy Chairs

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Phlebotomy Chairs, also know as Blood Drawing Chairs.  The first thing that comes to my mind, with my twisted sense of humor, are visions of a torture scene in a horror movie.  That or vampires.  I suppose that last thing … Continue reading

19 Mar

DNA Forensics

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What type of evidence drying cabinet are you using to dry your wet evidence to preserve it for DNA testing?  Are you placing it in a closet with a fan?  Evidence must be dried before sending it to the DNA … Continue reading

12 Mar

Latent Fingerprints

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The Cyanoacrylate fuming method of preserving latent fingerprints at the crime scene preserves fingerprints from handling until evidence can be sent to the crime lab.  Labconco makes a portable chamber which can be carried and used at the crime scene.  … Continue reading

07 Mar

Test Tube Brushes

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The right tool for the right job!  Test Tube Brushes seem to be one of those items you don’t really think about until you need it.  I recently received orders from several labs.  In each case, the tech ran out … Continue reading

05 Mar


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Recirculating chillers and immersion chillers are used in the laboratory to cool reactions and maintain samples at temperatures desirable for specific reactions.  Some reactions are exothermic  -  they give off heat when the reaction occurs.  This heat can be high … Continue reading

02 Mar

Normal Flora

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When microbiologists refer to the normal flora of the human body they are referring to the microorganisms that live on our skin by outcompeting harmful pathogens.  The microorganisms that live on our skin can be placed into three categories: diptheroids, staphylococci, … Continue reading