12 Mar

Latent Fingerprints

The Cyanoacrylate fuming method of preserving latent fingerprints at the crime scene preserves fingerprints from handling until evidence can be sent to the crime lab.  Labconco makes a portable chamber which can be carried and used at the crime scene.  In the Super Glue® method the evidence is placed in a chamber along with a heater to heat a pool of Super Glue®, and a source of moisture.  The fumes from the Super Glue® (cyanoacrylate) adhere to the fingerprints preserving them; the evidence can then be handled without danger of obscuring the latent prints.  The crime scene investigators will include a microscope slide or piece of foil with their own print in the chamber to be sure the prints are completely developed.  The Labconco Capture® Portable Fuming System makes it easy for the crime scene investigator to systematically treat evidence with Cyanoacrylate fumes safely.  With the Labconco Capture® evidence is handled in a professional manner.  The Labconco chamber is provided with slots for shelves and a place for the control print slide.   The air in the fuming chamber is vented through a filter which removes harmful fumes protecting the investigator.

Robin Prymula


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