22 Mar

Phlebotomy Chairs

Phlebotomy Chairs, also know as Blood Drawing Chairs.  The first thing that comes to my mind, with my twisted sense of humor, are visions of a torture scene in a horror movie.  That or vampires.  I suppose that last thing one would consider is comfort.  I would think feelings of anxiety or straight out fear would be the first thoughts that would come to mind.  But face it, these are a necessity in the health industry and I can only imagine how much worse it would be if you had to sit on a wooden bench.


Recently, while consulting with a customer from Juno, Alaska, I discovered that Med-Care Manufacturing, one of the industries leading manufacturers of  phlebotomy chairs, produces a full line to meet every need.  Prior to researching availability, I would not have thought about size.  I just thought, a chair is a chair.  Not so.  Size range from Bariatric to Standard, and even a Tall chair.  The chairs  come fully upholstered with two adjustable padded side arms  and a third, flip-up padded arm which provides safety and comfort for patient and technician.  Depending on the application and budget, the chair are also available the option for hydraulically adjustable height. 

Navy Blue and Dove Gray are the available color options. 

Please Note: due to Government Restrictions, this item cannot ship to residential addresses, including home-based businesses. To purchase this product, please provide a business/commercial shipping address upon checkout.   StephenG