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27 Apr

NovaClean All Purpose Cleaner

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NovaClean, is a floor cleaner manufactured by Micronova, intended for use in a Clean-room environment.  This is actually an all-purpose clean-room detergent which can be used on most floors, walls, ceilings and clean-room curtains.  The features that sets it apart from most other commercial and … Continue reading

27 Apr


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Bacteria of the genus streptococci differ from staphylococci for two main reasons:  they lack the enzyme catalase and they occur in chains rather than in clusters.  Catalase degrades hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.  The streptococci often times cause mixed … Continue reading

24 Apr

Bunsen Burners

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Back in February, I did a blog on your standard laboratory bunsen burner, but recently discovered an innovative alternative.   Argos Technologies offers a safe alternative to the standard laboratory Bunsen burner.  The XT Model works either manually, with a foot switch or in sensor mode.  It is … Continue reading

23 Apr


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Biochemical Oxygen Demand is used to measure the amount of organic material and nutrients available to microorganisms in water and waste water.  The standard test is the BOD5 which measure the amount of dissolved oxygen used in 5 days at 20°C.  … Continue reading

18 Apr

Gas Detectors

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Biosystems ToxiPro™ and ToxiLtd™ Single-Sensor Gas Detectors.  These detectors are Full Feature Gas Monitors.  For ease of maintenance, both detectors can be used with a Docking Station, an automatic bump test and calibration station with built-in record-keeping. All units are available … Continue reading

16 Apr

Oxygen Sensor

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In the environment dissolved Oxygen is one measure of the health of a body of water.  O2 sensors and meters are used to determine the oxygen saturation in water.  Oxygen saturation is important for the health of fish and other aquatic … Continue reading

13 Apr

Reductase Test

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The reductase test is a test used to determine the quality of milk.  This test measures the oxidation reduction potential due to the exhaustion of dissolved oxygen by microorganisms.  Methylene blue loses its color as it becomes reduced.  In the … Continue reading

12 Apr

Vortex Mixers

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A Vortex Mixer is actually a simple devise found in most laboratories.  The phrase “Shaken not Stirred” comes to mind, though not sure how functional this would be for your next cocktail party.  All kidding aside, it is designed to mix … Continue reading

09 Apr

Automated Elisa

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Elisa (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay) is a powerful tool in diagnostics. The ELISA assay which used to be confined to the biochemistry lab is now in the doctor’s office.  The specificity and sensitivity of the ELISA makes it ideal for … Continue reading

05 Apr


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I’m sure there are many of you out there who are as curious as I was to know what Parafilm is.  Basically, it is the laboratory grade equivilent to Saran Wrap or Glad Press and Seal, but with  more advanced properties.  Parafilm is  a unique … Continue reading