05 Apr


I’m sure there are many of you out there who are as curious as I was to know what Parafilm is.  Basically, it is the laboratory grade equivilent to Saran Wrap or Glad Press and Seal, but with  more advanced properties.  Parafilm is  a unique self-sealing, moldable and flexible film for numerous uses in the typical laboratory.  It has unique permeability properties including impressive water vapor transport properties.  It is also resistant to many common reagents. 

And as if this is not enough, Parafilm can be stretched 3 to 4 times its original length before breaking.   Flexible, thermoplastic, rolled, waterproof sheet inter-wound with paper to prevent adhering. Semi-transparent, almost colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Supplied in 0.127mm (0.005″) thickness. Adheres quickly and firmly to itself, covering culture tube or flask mouths and sealing petri dish edges. Excellent resistance to air, other gases, alcohol, common acids, and moderately concentrated alkalies.   The parafilm dispenser (pictured on the right),  is used to hold rolls securely for easy dispensing. The channeled front allows for cutting of the parafilm. The dispenser can hold one box of 4 in. film or two boxes of 2 in. film securely in place.