09 Apr

Automated Elisa

Elisa (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay) is a powerful tool in diagnostics. The ELISA assay which used to be confined to the biochemistry lab is now in the doctor’s office.  The specificity and sensitivity of the ELISA makes it ideal for assays performed on biological fluids. Tests can be performed at the doctor’s office or clinic and the results obtained within 20  minutes.  Tests for multiple patients can be run at one time.  Multiple tests can be performed on one patient sample.  The test reagents are dry which extends the shelf life of the reagents.  All tests and samples can be bar coded and the systems are compatible with laboratory information systems data bases(LIS).  Tosoh manufactures the Automated Immunoassay Analyzer which is available in sizes which can handle 36 tests per run for small clinics and doctor’s offices to 200 tests per run for hospitals.   Tests include but are not limited to:  Diabetes; Cardiac Markers; Tumor Markers; Kidney Markers; Metabolic; Thyroid; Anemia; Reproductive Hormones.   It might be cost effective for a doctor’s office to have their own analyzer in house.  An investigation of personnel time spent retrieving and documenting analysis from outside labs added to the cost of the tests could indicate a cost savings.

Robin Prymula