18 Apr

Gas Detectors

Biosystems ToxiPro™ and ToxiLtd™ Single-Sensor Gas Detectors.  These detectors are Full Feature Gas Monitors.  For ease of maintenance, both detectors can be used with a Docking Station, an automatic bump test and calibration station with built-in record-keeping. All units are available with a single bright LED or optional internal vibrating alarm that works in tandem with the audible and visual alarms.  Fully Serviceable and reliable ToxiPro™ gas detectors feature a black box recorder and real-time, peak, STEL, and TWA readings.

The detectors are gas specific.  They include: 

  • Gas Detectors with Carbon Monoxide Sensor
  • Gas Detectors with Carbon Monoxide/Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor
  • Gas Detectors with Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor
  • Gas Detectors with Sulfur Dioxide Sensor
  • Gas Detectors with Ammonia Sensor
  • Gas Detectors with Chlorine Sensor
  • Gas Detectors with Hydrogen Cyanide Sensor
  • Gas Detectors with Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor
  • Gas Detectors with Oxygen Sensor
  • Gas Detectors with Phosphine Sensor

Detectors are supplied with heavy-duty alligator clips, calibration adapter, hose, operator’s guide, and quick reference card. The ToxiPro™ detectors come with a replaceable lithium battery with 9000 hours of operation. The ToxiLtd™ detectors come with an internal lithium battery with two years of operation.

LabPlanet’s knowledgeable Associates are available to assist you with identifying the best detector for your needs.