24 Apr

Bunsen Burners

Back in February, I did a blog on your standard laboratory bunsen burner, but recently discovered an innovative alternative.   Argos Technologies offers a safe alternative to the standard laboratory Bunsen burner.  The XT Model works either manually, with a foot switch or in sensor mode.  It is supplied with an NimH  2 year battery pack and gas tubing adapter. 

Both of the models can be used with standard house gas (propane & butane).

In the case of the XT Model (pictured on the left) the ability to be used with an intergrated gas cartridge,  which allows for portability. (Gas Cartridge Adapter and canisters sold separately). 

Steel construction and portability make it ideal for working with Laminar Flow Hoods.   The StarFire ST (pictured on the right) operates by manual or foot-switch mode only and is connected to your household gas source.

As an added safety feature both models include an
overheating protection system that automatically
shuts off the gas should the unit overheat. Gas
supply is also cut off if the flame is extinguished
for any reason.  Another nice feature is that the burner head can be removed for easy cleaning.

Available accessories include: