27 Apr

NovaClean All Purpose Cleaner

NovaClean, is a floor cleaner manufactured by Micronova, intended for use in a Clean-room environment.  This is actually an all-purpose clean-room detergent which can be used on most floors, walls, ceilings and clean-room curtains.  The features that sets it apart from most other commercial and industrial cleaners is its Low-ionic concentrated formula, which will not generate a static charge or affect the efficiency of conductive flooring.   When used at recommended dilutions, both the sodium and potassium levels are detectable in only parts per billion.  NovaClean is Biodegradable.   To insure that it retains its properties, NovaClean is filtered, filled, and bagged in a clean-room environment.  NovaClean is a concentrate that will yield between 60 – 128 gallons of cleaning solution per gallon container.

Please note that NovaClean is NOT a disinfectant.  It was initially formulated for the Semiconductor and Electronics Industries.  It’s super fine purity and filtration lends itself to applications for both the Pharmaceutical and Bio-tech industries.

Studies show that if you are currently using DI Water or IPA, adding a small amount will break surface tension and remove more particles.  This will assure that you’re not bringing more into the clean-room than you’re taking out.

NovaClean is available in Quart, Gallon and 5 Gallon containers.  We encourage you to call our knowledgable staff with any questions that you may have.