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28 May

Cell Disruption

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Bead mills are homogenizers for disrupting microorganisms and, in some cases, tissues.  Tiny  Zirconium or Silica beads are place in the sample tube and a pulsing vortex mixer  or mixer mill is used to shake the sample allowing the rapidly … Continue reading

25 May

The Confirmed Test

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The second of three tests to determine the coliform count is the confirmed test.  In this test plates of Levine EMB agar or Endo agar are inoculated from positive (gas producing) tubes to see if the organisms producing the gas … Continue reading

21 May


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The Dounce homogenizer or tissue grinder is used to lyse cells for the release of intact subcellular particles.   Shearing forces created by the action between the pestle and the Dounce tube lyse the cells.  The Dounce grinder can be glass … Continue reading

18 May

Glove Box Gloves

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Glove Box Gloves are designed to provide a leak-tight physical barrier between the user and the materials in a controlled environment.  The choices available depend on the solvent or chemicals being used.  They include:  Butyl, Hypalon, Neoprene/Hypalon and Viton®.    Butyl Gloves,  provide the highest … Continue reading

15 May

Overhead Stirrer

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You need a stirrer for your lab but most of your samples have a higher viscosity than aqueous samples, or your sample is high volume; what do you use?  You use an overhead stirrer from Talboys or Heidolph.   For blending … Continue reading

14 May

Cleanroom Tape

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Cleanroom Tape is critical for minimizing contamination in a cleanroom environment.  It works well on metals, plastics, and other materials.  The tape pictured on the left is made from nonvinyl polyolefin film.  The properties feature a super-clean, acrylic, pressure-sensitive adhesive.  What  sets it … Continue reading

11 May

Foodborne Illnesses

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The Center for Disease Control or CDC estimates that food borne illneses are responsible for 76 million people per year in the United States becoming sick, 300,000 hospitalized, and 5,000 deaths.  Food can be a medium for transmitting disease.  Foodborne illnesses … Continue reading

07 May


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Sample preparation often depends on a homogenizer or disperser to suspend the sample in preparation for analysis.   The choice of homogenizer will depend on the volume of sample and the nature of the sample.  Rotor/stator type dispersers can handle volumes … Continue reading

03 May

Sealing Compound

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One of the things that I love about my job,  is that I’m always learning about new products and solutions.  . Hopefully, if you have found this blog, it’s not because you’re in the middle of a crisis involving a … Continue reading