14 May

Cleanroom Tape

Cleanroom Tape is critical for minimizing contamination in a cleanroom environment.  It works well on metals, plastics, and other materials.  The tape pictured on the left is made from nonvinyl polyolefin film.  The properties feature a super-clean, acrylic, pressure-sensitive adhesive.  What  sets it apart from your standard run of the mill hardware or office supply store tape is  it’s characteristics of being Chemical- and moisture-resistant and performs extremely well in a wide range of temperatures.   The Superior adhesive bonding characteristics are maintained for a prolonged period.  Width Size comes in 1″, White, Blue & Clear. 


PCX™ Cleanroom Tape, (pictured on the right) can be used for sealing, labeling, masking, and various other tasks within the cleanroom that requires pressure-sensitive qualities. The properties are Low-density polyethylene.  This means, low in halogens and leachable chlorides. The special construction lessens the chance of outgassing and provides  excellent chemical resistance and good conformability. To insure that the tape is as safe as possible, it’s packaged in a cleanroom with special processing to ensure low extractable ions, down to parts per billion.  I guess it doesn’t get much cleaner than that!  Size by width runs between 3/4″ up to 3″ in a variety of colors.