18 May

Glove Box Gloves

Glove Box Gloves are designed to provide a leak-tight physical barrier between the user and the materials in a controlled environment.  The choices available depend on the solvent or chemicals being used.  They include:  Butyl, HypalonNeoprene/Hypalon and Viton®.   

Butyl Gloves,  provide the highest impermeability to water vapor, gases, and many toxic chemicals, including most missile fuels.  The key features that set these gloves apart from the rest are sensitivity and flexibility, even at low temperatures.  The glove are even resistant to oxygenated solvents and most oxidizing chemicals. 





Hypalon Gloves offer the best resistance to abrasion and Chemicals.  That includes resistance to ozone and most oxidizing chemical.  The advantage is also that they’re naturally soft and offer greater comfort.

Neoprene/Hypalon blend gloves combine the flexibility and dexterity of neoprene with the ozone and chemical resistance of Hypalon®.  They offer extra long life and positive protection under unusually severe conditions including resistance to ozone and oxidizing chemicals.  The color is white for visibility as to not hide contamination.

Finally, Viton® gloves are designed for handling chlorinated and aromatic solvents.  The are resistance to PCBs and provide excellent permeation resistance to many chlorinated, aliphatic, and aromatic hydrocarbons, and most oils and acids.  Perhaps one of the most important feature is that they are highly flame retardant but still provide excellent dexterity. 

Please feel free to contact any of our experienced lab associates to assist you in choosing the best gloves for your specific application.