21 May


The Dounce homogenizer or tissue grinder is used to lyse cells for the release of intact subcellular particles.   Shearing forces created by the action between the pestle and the Dounce tube lyse the cells.  The Dounce grinder can be glass or PTFE or polypropylene (aka pellet pestle).  Some grinders are available with different size pestles; the larger or tighter fitting pestles create more shear on the sample while smaller pestles have less shear.  These grinders are inexpensive and easy to use and clean and they are also easy to decontaminate.  Various sizes are available from 50ml tubes down to microliter volumes.  Kimble makes a small motor for the pestle which can help to increase sample throughput.  The Dounce homogenizer is an inexpensive way to gently lyse cells for the release of organelles and membrane fragments.  Kimble, Corning, and Ace Glass are some of the suppliers of Dounce homogenizers.

Robin Prymula