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29 Jun

Pond Water

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Pond water can be very educational when examined under a microscope.  Not only will a one see what organisms live in pond water but one will also have an opportunity to refine their microscopy skills. Pond water contains a diverse group … Continue reading

27 Jun

Chemical Transfer Pump

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Variable Flow Chemical Transfer Pumps. This pump is specifically designed for pulse-less fluid transfer, which can be adjusted at variable rates.  The device will pumps fluids from 4¼ ounces up to 5/ 8 of a gallon per minute. The Direct-drive provides maximum motor … Continue reading

25 Jun


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Syringes are used for many tasks.  Hypodermic syringes are used for medical injections but there are other types of syringes.  Other types of medical syringes include syringes for flushing wounds, for dosing, and for feeding.  Many syringes can be glass … Continue reading

22 Jun

Blood Group

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The blood group refers to the presence of specific antigens on the surface of red blood cells.  You may have heard of blood groups such as A, B, AB, and O.  The antigen on the surface of the cell can … Continue reading

19 Jun

Vacuum Bulb

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Well, if you have gotten this far in opening my blog, out of curiosity, you may be asking yourself, Vacuum Bulbs?  I had recently received an order for a large number bulbs and asked myself the same question.  What the heck do you do … Continue reading

18 Jun


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Decongel is a polymer based product designed for contamination remediation.  Designed for nuclear and chemical contamination it can be used on radioactive isotopes, nuclear medicine spills, toxic industrial chemicals, and materials such as mercury, PCB, acids, lead, asbestos, and methamphetamines.  … Continue reading

15 Jun


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Here’s a handy dandy tool that no lab should be without.  It slices and dices…  Well, it doesn’t really dice, but all kidding aside, the Microtome is the perfect tool used to cut extremely thin slices of material (or sections) allowing for the preparation … Continue reading

11 Jun


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Ultrasonic cavitation is a very effective method for lysing cells.  A sonicator for cell disruption is a probe which expands and contracts at high frequency.  The expansion and contraction of the sonicator tip in the sample creates tiny vacuum cavities … Continue reading

08 Jun


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It is important not to confuse antibodies with anti-biotics.  Anti-biotics such as penicillin and azithromycin are prescribed for those who have contracted bacterial infections.  Antibodies are Y-shaped proteins produced by B-cells that bind to a specifc antigen or region of … Continue reading

08 Jun

Fyrite Gas Analyzer

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One of the things that I love about my job in laboratory equipment sales is, it’s not boring.  I don’t think there’s a day where I don’t learn something new or discover an item that I have never seen before.  … Continue reading