08 Jun

Fyrite Gas Analyzer

One of the things that I love about my job in laboratory equipment sales is, it’s not boring.  I don’t think there’s a day where I don’t learn something new or discover an item that I have never seen before.  Which brings me to this nifty item.  The Fyrite Gas Analyzer which is manufactured by Bacharach.   You would expect to see this item being used in a spy or war film.  All kidding aside, the Fyrite Gas Analyzer is designed to test for CO2 contamination in  rooms, mines, pressurized chambers and other confined spaces.  It also works in the detection for gas analysis of flue gases, exhaust gases of internal combustion engines, as well as inflammable solvent fumes and inert atmospheres.   Bacharach also has a model (32034-002) that works similar but actually measures O2 deficiancy.  These units are extremely compact and portable.  Testing is based on volumetric gas analysis method involving selective absorption of CO2 or O2 in a chemical solution.  What’s even more amazing is that testing is not affected by the presence of any other gas in the sample. With an accuracy: ±0.5%, the analysis is completed in approximately 30 seconds.   So, you’re probably asking, how does this work?  The aspirator bulb pumps the gas sample into the analyzer and purges the measuring chamber of the previously analyzed sample.

Depending on the application and required accuracy, there are three CO2 testers with ranges from 0-7.6% up to the range of 0 – 60%.  The O2 tester has a range of 0-21% and if the requirement is there, Bacharach make one unit that will test for both CO2 and O2.   It includes CO2/O2 indicators, sampling assembly, filter material and a fire efficiency finder. 

Before you run out to purchase one of these, please note that for shipping purposes, it is considered a Hazadous Material and special handling is required.  For more information, I would encourage you to contact one of our Laboratory Professionals. 

Thank you for reading my blog.