18 Jun


Decongel is a polymer based product designed for contamination remediation.  Designed for nuclear and chemical contamination it can be used on radioactive isotopes, nuclear medicine spills, toxic industrial chemicals, and materials such as mercury, PCB, acids, lead, asbestos, and methamphetamines.  Decongel is a neutral pH water based polymer which can be sprayed or brushed on any surface including wood, concrete, glass, Plexiglas, aluminum, steel, tile and grout, linoleum.  Surfaces can be vertical or horizontal, rough or cracked.  The polymer is brushed or sprayed on the surface and allowed to dry, overnight is usually sufficient.  Decongel cures to a dried film with high tensile strength and toughness so there is no need to scrap off the residue, it is pulled off intact in one sheet.  The sheet can then be disposed of in the manner appropriate to the hazard.  Conventional decontamination usually means copious amounts of water, mops, sponges, and towels, all of which must be disposed of properly.  Very often the area being decontaminated must be cordoned off; Decongel eliminates the need for this.  Industries using Decogel include hospitals, universities, commercial nuclear power plants, law enforcement for crime scene and meth lab clean up, and by the US government for decontamination and clean up of department of defense sites.

Robin Prymula