19 Jun

Vacuum Bulb

Well, if you have gotten this far in opening my blog, out of curiosity, you may be asking yourself, Vacuum Bulbs?  I had recently received an order for a large number bulbs and asked myself the same question.  What the heck do you do with these things?  As a photographer, my first thought was blowing dust off of a surface or out of a camera.  Well, obviously I was wrong.   These bulbs are designed for use in Gas Sampling or for pumping gas through an apparatus.  *Please note that the tubing DOES NOT come with the bulb.  The bulbs are Heavy-walled and  feature two rubber valves with PVC connections on each end.   Also, the bulb has a capacity is 85mL.  The tubing that connnects with the valves needs to have an inner diameter of 7.4mm. 

This simple device is found in a production environment, whether it be working under a hood, on an experimental product line or as a means of capturing the sample to be used with CO2 or O2 gas Gas Analyzers for monitoring laboratory reactions.  I would think that it would be quite difficult capturing a sample without one.