27 Jun

Chemical Transfer Pump

Variable Flow Chemical Transfer Pumps. This pump is specifically designed for pulse-less fluid transfer, which can be adjusted at variable rates.  The device will pumps fluids from 4¼ ounces up to 5/ 8 of a gallon per minute.

The Direct-drive provides maximum motor power to the pump with a Suction lift of 10 feet wet, 4 inches dry and may be used
with fluid temperatures from –40 to 200°F.   Another feature of the pump is it’s Continuous Sweep variable control which provides precise, seamless speed control. All internal parts are made from Dupont Stainless Steel, Viton and Teflon which should make it impervious to pretty much anything (within reason) that you’re going to pump through there. Another great feature is the ability to reverse the flow for easy draining  and cleaning of the tubes.  The pump will accommodate any tubing with an inside diameter of 3/16 inches and up to 120 feet in length.  Power requirements are 115 -VAC.  The pump casing is made from ABS Chemical Resistant Plastic and weighs in a whopping 3-1/4 pounds.

As always, we encourage you to contact our experienced Laboratory Sales Associates for assistance or to answer any questions that you may have.