29 Jun

Pond Water

Pond water can be very educational when examined under a microscope.  Not only will a one see what organisms live in pond water but one will also have an opportunity to refine their microscopy skills. Pond water contains a diverse group of organisms such as bacteria, algae, and protozoans.  Bacteria are the smallest of these organisms and are more difficult to see under a microscope.  A brightfield microscope will allow one to see most of the microorganisms however a phase contrast microscope would be best suited for looking at bacteria and other highly transparent microorganisms.  After pond water has been obtained one can put a drop onto a microscope slide.  One edge of a cover glass can then touch the drop and be held at a 45 degree angle.  The cover glass is then lowered slowly to ensure that no air bubbles are trapped.  The slide can the be examined under low power before moving up to the 40x objective.